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Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. - Theodore Roosevelt

Clearly we can't solve this existential enigma using the same thinking that got us here, hence our self-analyzing virtual machine; whereby anyone can share and vote on Ideas for solving the Climate Crisis.

We are seeking Ideas at the formative stage that can be evaluated and cast for commercial viability, simple "back of the napkin" ideas are sufficient.

Ideas are submitted by uploading an Abstract file a.k.a "treatment", "pitch" "pdf", "jpeg", etc. conceptually indicating how to rapidly reduce global warming legally, scalably, sustainably and profitably, see Models. Ideas are subject to Voting and ranking.

There is no formal qualification for anyone to submit an Idea; we want to be as inclusive as possible, drawing inspiration from people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ultimately seeking to spotlight group wisdom; the genius of crowds!

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