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The Solar System
The Solar System
Our Galaxy
The Milky Way

Theoretically, a Type 1 civilization can access all the energy of the nearest star and is multi-stellar, meaning that they would likely have technology that allows them to transmit information faster than light, something we do not currently believe to be possible; we are Type 0.

We receive more incident energy from the Sun every hour than is produced by all the power plants on Earth in an entire year.

Our Solar System resides on a spur of one of the two main arms of an average size spiral galaxy, the Milky Way, about halfway from the galactic center. Our Sun is one of ~200 billion stars in our galaxy. Our nearest star is Proxima Centauri, ~4 light years away, and the Milky Way is one of billions, perhaps trillions, of galaxies.

The current estimate of the age of the Universe is ~14B years; the Earth ~4.5B years. Our best theory of cosmology has our Universe emerging from a singularity, supported forensically by the Cosmic Background Radiation. The observable Universe is believed to be ~93M light years across due to cosmic expansion, attributed to Dark Energy.

When it comes to singularities our science breaks down. We don't have a unified theory of physics since we are not able to reconcile Quantum Theory and Relativity, and we have an unsolved Measurement Problem.

Quantum Theory is so strange that recent experiments have called into question the very existence of an objective reality, entangling the experimenter with the outcome. Even though we rely heavily on quantum effects for our technology, we are still unable to agree on a credible interpretation, ~100 years after the theory was originally proposed.

Interstellar space is not an empty vacuum, it's alive with virtual particles that come in and out of existence momentarily. We know very little about Dark Matter and Dark Energy which appear to be non-baryonic, and comprise ~95% of the Universe.

The human mind is equally baffling with ~90% of our activities controlled by the subconscious. We know that it comprises beliefs, memories and subroutines, but our science cannot yet explain how consciousness arises from the brain, thought to be the most complex structure in the Universe.

Of the ~40 trillion cells in the human body less than half are human, the rest are fungi, bacteria, viruses or other non-human cells. As has been demonstrated by recent events, the human immune system (the second most complex system in the Universe), is paramount to our survival. Operating optimally, it appears to have an impeccable memory.

The modern science of Epigenetics teaches that we are not controlled by our genes, but rather gene expression, which is almost entirely a function of our interaction with the environment. Gerontologists now consider aging a disease, with human longevity escape velocity predicted to exceed ~50% by 2035.

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